Carnaval Slots Game Summary

The film Carnaval explodes onto the screen in a blaze of color and visual effects. Microgaming’s five-reel slot machine is exactly as exciting as you could imagine, given that it was inspired by world-famous carnivals.


The game features nine paylines and maximum wagers of $90 per spin. There is an autoplay feature, as well as an abundance of wild symbols and scatters. The game lacks extra features and free spins rounds in favor of a more conventional gaming style that will appeal to aficionados of classic slot machines.


Carnaval is one of the most fast-paced games accessible, and its fast-paced action makes it extremely entertaining. The game is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms, and no downloads are required to play. Carnaval’s brilliantly colored reels may be spun with only a few mouse clicks when the game is set up.


Cash Enjoyable sound effects


A carnival-inspired music immerses players in the game’s mood.


Casino Vivid images


Very stunning and amazing game


Autoplay function for chips


Continue spinning the reels as long as you like.


Search for mobile-friendly


Mobile gaming with a high rate of play



Superb visuals and engaging design

The soundtrack captures the mood of the celebration Fast-paced gameplay for optimum enjoyment

Perfect for portable players


No bonus spins feature

No bonus rewards

The carnival motif will not appeal to many gamers.

Essential Characteristics of Carnival Examined


Ways to play Carnaval

Microgaming designed Carnaval, a five-reel slot game. The game was produced in 2013, therefore it is simpler than some of the developer’s subsequent releases. This game instead employs a more conventional gameplay structure, with a strong emphasis on the symbols that spin on its reels.


In Carnaval, there are nine paylines to pick from. Before beginning a game, the player must select the desired number of paylines. After selecting paylines, players may select their wager and then begin the game by clicking the spin button.


There are no free spins, bonus games, or any sophisticated bonus elements in this game. But, this is not always a terrible thing. In reality, the absence of additional features contributes to this game’s smooth and quick gameplay, which is a major part of its attraction. The game is one of the quickest we’ve played, making it ideal for those seeking a traditional online slot machine that keeps your interest.


The graphics are aesthetically appealing on both desktops and mobile devices. The symbols are all inspired by the carnival theme of the game, and feature colorful images of carnival performers and things. The acoustic effects contribute significantly to the experience, transporting players to the heart of Rio during carnival season.


Carnival jackpots and bonuses

There are no sophisticated bonus rounds or free spins in Carnaval. Yet, this does not imply that there are no distinctive characteristics. There is a scatter symbol in the game, as well as a wild sign that may replace for any other symbol to assist players form those crucial winning combinations.


The scatter symbol functions as a multiplier, and scatter-based payouts are equal to the entire number of credits wagered multiplied by the value of the scatter combination. For example, three scatter symbols will double a player’s wager. For four scatter symbols, the wager is multiplied by 10, and for five scatter symbols, the wager is multiplied by 50.


Carnival mobile choices

The vibrant colors of Carnaval come to life on mobile devices. The game is optimized for mobile play and is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. Due to its extremely vibrant color palette, it stands out on tiny displays. The symbols contrast beautifully with the backdrop, and the graphics are attractive on mobile devices and tablets alike.


This game’s traditional gameplay and quick speed have made it popular with mobile gamers, and it is frequently played in mobile casinos. No app download is required to play Carnaval on a mobile device. It is instantly accessible through mobile casinos and can be set up and played with a few clicks.



Carnaval is a fast-paced slot machine with a really engaging and enduring theme. This bright, boisterous, and aesthetically captivating game was inspired by the enchantment of renowned carnivals. The gameplay is sleek and fascinating, and the reels are filled with symbols that are exquisitely crafted. The game is suited for mobile and desktop users alike. There are some enormous jackpots up for grabs, so activate as many of the game’s nine paylines as possible and see if you can win those enormous rewards.

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